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41050 "The Home" playhouse 1987


Never sold!!!

The reason I show this house is that Schleich had plans to release many of the
accessories made for the smurfs as accessories in this house. And just like the
accessories Schleich used for the Kwak-figurines they then had to remove the Peyo-
marking. I think the reason Schleich did this, is because in 1987 Schleich had big
troubles with dropping sales on the smurf-figurines and had big financial problems. So
they most likely had to find other ways to use existing molds they already had for other
purposes. Many of these accessories have no marking and some were used in end of
1990 when Schleich started delivering the accessories made for Kwak, without Peyo
marking. The item Schleich wanted to use for this house were given these
articlenumbers with this details:

41050 The Home, ready assembled in gift box( without accessories)

Accessories to furnish the house in attractive gift packs:

40551 Dresser

40552 Wardrobe

40553 Kitchener

40554 Piano

40555 Rockingchair with table

40556 Bed

40557 Schoolbench with table

40558 Easel

40559 Rocking horse

40560 Blackboard

40561 Shower

40562 Rustic bed





According to a collector in Germany 100 of these were made before Schleich decided
not to sell "The Home". Schleich told collectors in the SCCI-letters, in the fall 1987
, that this house never made it to the stores.




Here is also a display Schleich seems to have been using when taking pictures for
some of their posters. But the reason for making it was a fair in Tokyo; read
information below!! :)



A collector sent me this picture showing Hermann Schneider in Japan. As you see on the
display they have smurfs with lots of japanese flags. This was when the smurfs were
about to be shown on japanese TV in late 1985. The display you see in this
magazine is the same as the one pictured above.

It is said that the same manufacturer made the smurfcastle for Mafi, the treestump,
the Home, this posterdisplay and also some parts for the windmilldisplay. All these
items are made of rubber instead of the normal PVc used by Schleich.

The large display made for the Deutsche Leistungsschau in Tokyo is about 3x3
meters and have many automatic functions. The display was made about 10 times
for different toyshops.

Artist is Helmut Braig, 1923-2013



Here is the display on one of Schleichs posters.


This is also a smurf display made by the same artist.