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BASF Dr Dinch and Hexalotte

Also: Chemister-smurf, Managment-smurf, Chemiker Schlumpf, Management Schlumpf

Years: Dr Dinch 2008 , Hexalotte 2009


Hexalotte was first given away together with Dr Dinch in this box at BASF news conference in February 2009.


But one year before was Dr Dinch given away and sold. BASF explains the name like this:

Dinch: Di-Iso Nonyl- Cyclo-Hexane
"We have a product innovation, we have operational excellence and, to come back to the part of
innovation, you got one small present from us, this nice smurf. Perhaps it might be interesting for you:
It contains 25 percent of our Hexamoll DINCH, a new plasticizer which was developed to serve
the markets in the medical, toy industry and food wrapping industries. For those who are interested:
It’s not only 25 percent Hexamoll DINCH, it’s 35 percent of petrochemicals in addition in this little smurf."



Hexalotte was also the first Smurf/Smurfette with the new addressmarking from 2009.

She also has a different postcode number. 73508 instead of 73527.


basf boxes

There are a couple of different boxes used in this promotion. Also a green one with both inside.














































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