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Applauseboxes 1984-1985




In 1984 W Berrie changed name to Applause just like we can see on the catalogues.
So from that year they also started with these Applause boxes. However some of
the boxes for the items first sold in 1984 were already made. So only 8 items were
sold in these boxes.

Information and variations of these boxes:


One very intresting thing here is the articlenumbers on the playsets. 7534 on Smurfettes
Bedroom and 7536 on the Moon Explorer playset. I am pretty sure the Western playset
was made for the US market since it was made in Hongkong and also it would better
suit the US market compared to the european. So most likely Applause gave the
western playset articlenumber 7535. But for some reason it was never released.