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Smurfs┬┤ House by Bully

Articlenumber: 1010/H before 1977 and changed to 101099 in 1978

Years: 1975-1979



Bully made the first house for the Smurfs in 1975 before they started with printed
markings. When their factory was built in 1977 they added printed markings.

Schleich never made this house so I do not think it was sold after 1979.
Bully could have sold it for other figurines after 1980 but I doubt it.



Known variations:

  1. Handetched Bully Peyo-base, unmarked red roof
  2. Handetched Bully Peyo-base, first printed markings on orange roof
  3. Handetched Bully Peyo-base with made in W Germany, second printed marking on orange roof


    Other variations:

  1. Fake Bully houses