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Eva Zippel

I believe that Eva Zippel was the artist who made the first smurfs for
Schleich. She worked for Schleich until mid 70s.

Schleich writes this in their anniversary book.



Modelled her first figurine for Schleich in 1946.



Eva Zippel and Smurfs

According to Reddition magazine nr 96 Eva Zippel started making the smurfs in february 1965.
They looked at the old notes by Eva Zippel in early 1965 and writes that first she was said
to make these 3: Normal Smurf, Prisoner with glasses and tougue and last King Smurf( Gold),
Eva zippel notes says Schtroumpf, Gefangener mit Brille und Zunge, Schtroumpfisime.
But one mold was used for all three smurfs, just painted different( normal, gold, and prisoner).
One year later in Januar 1966 three new smurfs were made Spy, Drummer and Angry.
Eva Zippels notes says Schtroumpf Verschwörer, Trommler, Furieux( Wütender).


Here are some of her prototypes from the time before BP started selling smurfs in Holland.









This is a picture from her own smurfcollection. Notice the Traffic smurf.



After Eva Zippel the Schleich sculptor Werner Joos made smurf figurines in the 80s. Among others I believe. :)

















































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