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Boxes between 1978 and 1982

BP and National


BP used smurfs as a promotion between 1978 and 1982 in many countries.
BP had used smurfs as promotion before 1978 in for example Holland, but in
1978 they needed english boxes. In UK BP sold these at the National stations.
I added a few items so you can see that also BP used the large red Smurf outside UK.

Schleich never used any printed articlenumbers on these boxes since they
were made for BP and not meant to be sold in any toystores.

Information and variations of these boxes:



These are the 2 first boxes made for the National promotion starting 1978. And the
only ones with these special articlenumbers for National Benzole.


This was also made with articlenumbers like above. All 3 sold at the same time.




In late 1978 and early 1979 these boxes were sold.



I think only the first 2 were marked with National.



All 3 playsets can be found without the National-"marking". Replaced with smurfs.



All these supersmurfboxes were made for the BP/National promotion. After 1982
Schleich made new boxes with all three languages( german, english and french) instead.



This box was also made for the UK market. Eventhough the front donĀ“t have the
large red SMURF all other sides are exactly the same as the Nationalboxes.



Some detailinformation regarding these boxes. The first 6 supersmurfsboxes had printed
in Germany on the box. In mid 1979 this was removed. Later in 1979 they added
information about which smurf the box contained also under the box. Around that
time they also changed to thinner letters on the sides and front of the boxes.



In 1980 these 10 sportsmurfs were sold by National for the olympics and the
specialstadium sold by National. The first smurf sold for this stadium was the
torchbearer with UK emblem on the chest.



Maia Borges later used these boxes for the supers they sold and then
used their sticker over the German address.



In 1981/1982 this playset was sold in the BP stations in Australia.



Both the National- and BP-petrolpumpboxes included the attendant with emblem on cheast.



BP in Australia also used the box made for W Berrie for the gardenset. I think only this
one was marked like this. During 1979 and 1980 both Germany- and Hongkong-
marked boxes were sold in Australia. Just like in the US in the beginning.