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40080 Petrol pump


In 1979 Schleich made the mold for the petrol pump. Both the pump and the cleaner
smurf was especially made for National. This we can see on early National
advertisments from the beginning of 1979 ( march). Also the first pictures of the
cleaner shown in catalogues are the one with National emblem, same thing with the
first playset box. The National cleaner on the frontpicture. The reason for this was that
in early 1979 they only had the
cleaner with National emblem on the shirt.The BP
playset is also a very early playset, but not as early as the National. The darkgrey roof
and the marking on the BP cleaner tells us this was made around 1980. The Shell pump
we can find pictured on a poster from after 1984.
Schleich made playset 6 from 1979 to 1988. And also 1992-1994. Never seen
any CE marked parts though. Only CE-stickers on the old boxes.

Known variations:

  1. Darkgrey roof. First version.
  2. Lightgrey roof.
  3. National pump. Blue and yellow. National stickers.
  4. BP pump. Green and yellow. BP stickers.
  5. Shell pump. Never seen it except on posters. Articlenumber 40080 also.


    Known boxvariations:

  1. 40080 First box with picture of the National-cleaner on the front.
  2. 40080 Box with regular smurf but without window on the back.
  3. 40080 Box with the regular cleaner smurf pictured on the front.
  4. Smaller National box containing only the pump and National-cleaner. No roof.
  5. BP smurf accessory box.



Additional pictures


Backside first box when only 6 playsets were made.