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Regular smurfs 20225-20409

Because of the bancruptcy Schleich had to start all over again and firing 50 % of their
employees. Also they had no need for the Hongkongfactory since they had so many
smurfs in stock. And becuase of the millions and millions of smurfs still in stock with
W Berrie-markings these were used and sold for many years after 1986, when
the factory closed. Also these were the years the Macau marked smurfs appeared.
Actually Hongkong-molds with changed markings.

Luckily for Schleich and smurfcollectors, the german reunification in 1990, and
the large catch-up consumption of smurfs in eastern Germany, made Schleich decide
to still manufacture smurfs. Eventhough they stopped making lots of characters
from comics, TV-series etc because of the costly licenses.








Marking chronology 1987-1990

20225 Accordion

20226 Grandpa

20227 Table tennis

20228 Fitness

20229 Architecht

20230 Wild

20231 Hula smurfette

20232 Gargamel, lab glass

20401 Snappy

20402 Slouchy

20403 Nat

20404 Sassette

20405 Puppy

20406 Smoogle

20407 Chitter

20408 Grandma

20409 Patriot