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Special Regular smurfs 20489-


Christmas Smurfs with cords.



Historical Smurfs sold in Germany first time in autumn 1985.


Already in 1980 Schleich started jumping in the articlenumbers-serie. They gave Johan
and Pewitt number 20498 and 20499. Then they maybe did now expect that the
numbers on the normals would reach that number? :)

Schleich used these higher numbers also for the eastersmurfs and the historicalsmurfs.
And a specialnumberserie for the christmasmurfs with cords were used.


20489 Smurfette with chicken( lilac egg)

20490 Smurf with easter egg( red bow)

20491 Smurf painting easteregg(green Brush)

20492 Smurf in easteregg( white)

20496 Smurf in Bunny suit

20497 Smurfette in Bunny suit

20498 Johan

20499 Pewitt

20501 Paul Revere

20502 Benjamin Franklin

20503 Christoffer Columbus

20504 Thomas Edison

20505 George Washington

20506 Abraham Lincoln

20511 Smurf in easteregg( yellow)

20512 Smurf painting easteregg(yellow Brush)

20513 Smurfette with chicken( purple egg)

20514 Smurf with easter egg( red bow)

20515 Smurf carrying easter egg

20516 Smurf eating easter egg

51901 Smurf with christmastree

51902 Smurf with gift

51903 Papa with toysack

51904 Smurf with toysack

51905 Christmas carols smurf

51906 Christmas Wreath

51907 Smurf with candy cane

51908 Christmas drummer

51909 Christmas carols smurfette

51910 Praying smurf

51911 Praying smurfette

51912 Smurfette with candy cane




Additional pictures




Historical display with articlenumber 20500





Displays for Smurfs Christmas Ornaments.