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Schleich Large House

Years: 1976-

Articelnumbers: 590, 40001, 49001, 20803 ( with 2 figurines)

Also: Schlumpf Haus, Smurf House, Maison des Schtroumpfs






Known variations:


    I think these are all the variations you can get from the large house from 1977-2016. If you get really advanced and look into smaller details you would probably get 1 or 2 more. 

    There could be a first variation of the 49001 house made in Germany??? Or a red roof variation 40001 marked made in China? But I have not seen any of those yet. 

    1. Green roof, emblem markings on both roof and base. A hole in roof behind flowerbox. No peyo marking on the roof. Goes with emblem box artnr 590.

    2. Orange roof, emblem markings on both roof and base. A hole in roof behind flowerbox. No peyo marking on the roof. Green key and yellow flowerbox. Goes with emblem box artnr 590. 

    3. Same emblem base. New roof mold. No hole behind flowerbox and added Peyo marking on roof. Goes with UK box and second german box with articlenumber 40001. 

    4. Hongkong made house. Goes with US box. 

    5. Third german version. New base. Added hole to hold door frame and holes to hold the windows. Most of parts have smaller changes and now all green parts gets cavitynumbers. Goes with second german base. 

    6. Very orange roof. No emblem marking but printed Schleich on roof and base. Goes with second german box. 

    7. Very dark red roof. First CE marked house. Emblem and small CE on base and Schleich and small CE on roof. Goes with second german box. 

    8. Red roof and new CE marking on new place on roof and base. Germany instead of w germany. Goes with ce boxes, italian and german, and also 1995 polkadot box marked 40001. Last year before changing artnumber to 49001. 

    9. New colours and made in China. Goes with 49001 polkadot box. No markings on roof. 

    10. Addressmarked house. Goes with peyo creations polkadot 49001 box. 

    Note that there could be a "overlap" regarding the markings and boxes. Just like when they changed to peyo creations and addressmarking. It took about a year before the addressmarked houses was in the boxes. It depends on when the manufacture new houses vs manufacture new boxes.

    Other variations:


Box variations:

1977/78: 2 different boxes were sold. Only the house or the playset. Both these boxes could contain 2 versions. Green roof or red roof. Both boxes have the old Schleich emblem. 

1978- : Boxes are the same but with different articlenumbers and different top. Only red roof in both boxes. 

1979- UK box and US( hongkong) box, which was also used in Australia. 

1992/93- CE boxes with old design and barcodes. Italian version and german "grüne punkt" version. 

1995: first polkadot box with the old design inside. 40001 with red roof and CE. 

1996- polkadot with new design 49001. 

2009: peyo creation box with new addressmarking on the house.


Temporary Pictures


First 2 houses sold in 1977.

rare playset40009

First house was also sold as a playset with smurfs and accessories. Articlenumber 40009




This house was sold with 3 Smurfs inside. We do not know if this was a Schleich release or if the toystore added the sticker and put the extra Smurfs inside.