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Super smurfs

Schleich started selling the supersmurfs in 1978 and have continued selling them since
then. The reason I have them in this order is. In 1983 Schleich changed the looks on the
boxes, so only among the first 32 supers can UK-boxes and the first German boxes be
found. And after supersmurf 40248 Schleich sold in 1986, they did not release any new
super for 10 years. In 1995 when they started with the polkadotboxes they also started
making supersmurfs again. The supersmurfs with articlenumbers 40501-40512 are the
sportsmurfs which got a special articlenumberserie. :)

Bully never made any supersmurfs.


40201-40232. Schleich 1978-1983.

40233-40248. Schleich 1983-1986.

40249-40265. Schleich 1995-2001.

40501-40512. Schleich 1979-1980.