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The Smurf Windmill

Also: Windmühle, Moulin

Years: 1981-2004



Schleich made the mold for the windmill 1981 and started selling it 1982. It was sold
all the way to 2003 except for one year, 1987. Schleich used 4 different articlenumbers
when these were sold. 40019 Windmill-playset, containing also smurfs and accessories.
40020 Windmill ( grey), 5200 Windmilldisplay and then after 1996 they changed the
articlenumber to 49020 and also changed the colour to yellow. The windmill was never
marked Hongkong, eventhough sold by W Berrie in the US between 1983 and 1985.

Known variations:

  1. 40020. Grey windmill with handpainted stones and first mold with no hole for the cable.
  2. 40020. Grey windmill. Spraypainted.
  3. 40020. Grey windmill. Spraypainted with CE marking. No peyo marking.
  4. 49020. Yellow windmill. Large CE marking.
  5. 695.4507 ( Quelle). Greenish windmill. Not a smurfitem. Made for Alfred J Kwak.
  6. 5200. Windmill-display.


    Known boxvariations:

  1. 40019. Large windmill-playset.
  2. 40020. Old box without ageswarning on the box.
  3. 40020. Old box with ageswarning on the box. Also exists with italian sticker.
  4. 40020. Polkadot box with grey windmill pictured.
  5. 49020. Polkadot box with yellow windmill pictured.
  6. 695.4507. Box for the Alfred J Kwak Windmill.







not CEwindmill

first windmillhole

mixed parts windmill

Mixed parts windmill.