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20007 Angry

Also: W├╝tender, Noir, Gnapsmurf

Years: 1966-1986, 2011


Schleich made the Angrymold in 1966. It was also among the smurfs used
for the BP promotion in Holland in the beginning.The larger mold was
made around 1979 and both molds were used at the same time for awhile.
Bully had this mold between 1975 and 1977 and then painted the gums
red for about 2 years.?? :)

Dot variations: Yellow, red

Known variations:

  1. Unmarked
  2. Only peyo-marking on arm.
  3. Old emblem. W Germany and Peyo on arms.
  4. New emblem. W Germany and Peyo on the arms.
  5. New emblem. W Germany and Peyo under feets.
  6. Removed emblem. Black gum.
  7. Removed emblem. Red gum.
  8. Made in Portugal. Not yet Schleich marked.
  9. Made in Portugal. Black gum.
  10. Made in Portugal. Red gum.
  11. Large mold Hongkong.
  12. Large mold.
  13. Minimodels Angry.
  14. Large Mold with addressmarking. From the 2011 decade boxes.


    Other variations:

  1. Fakes
  2. Raws
  3. Red Angry
  4. CNT Angry
  5. Dupuis Angry