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During the years when Schleich started making smurfs again from 1977 all the way until
2009 they have made accessories for the smurfs. On this page I have added one more
item which Schleich did not produced. The Carousel by Bolz, because it contained 4
Schleichsmurfs and for me it is like a playset? :) Also I have a few Kwak items because
these are made from the same molds as the Schleichaccessories and it could be good to
know the differences.

Chronology of playsets 1-10

40030 Garden furniture

40040 Fence

40050 Gate

40060 Mushroom

40070 Sail boat

40080 Petrol pump

40090 Well

40100 Snail and cart

40110 Forklift

40120 Conveyor belt

40601 Gargamels lab

40602 Smurfettes bedroom

40603 Western playset

40604 Astro playset

40620 Gate combo playset

40621 Well combo playset

40622 Snail combo playset

40623 Drummer

40701 Water combi set

40702 Traffic combi set

40703 School combi set

40704 Farm combi set

40711 Kwak playset with boat and raft

40712 School playset

40713 Playground playset

40721 Kwak garden set

40761 Kwak House Playset

40000 1998 Anniversery Rock Band

41000 Tree stump

41005 Smurf castle

53040 Tree swing penholder

95005 Smurf carousel ( Bolz)

6675 Deluxe Play village ( W Berrie)

7010 Smurf Playland display for dealers

40021 Smurf train ( never sold)

41050 Playhouse with accessories ( never sold)



Additional information


Different smurf chairs.

UK playset boxes

The 4 different playsets sold by National Benzole in the UK.




All 4 mats from the combi sets fits together and becomes one large mat.



info 1 and 2

info 3 and 4