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Box history with all boxes

I will here try to list all boxes I think exist. And also show pictures of them and try to
tell the story about them. So far it will only be the boxes containing PVC-smurfs
or accessories for them. More detailed information will be found on each
smurf- or item- page. So for example if you would like to see all variations
( both boxes and items) of the windmill you can see them on the windmillpage.

If there are more boxes not shown here let me know. :)


1975-1979. Bullyboxes.

Before 1978. Schleichboxes with emblem.

1978-1982. Superschlumpf-boxes and geschlumpfe, houses etc.

1978-1982. National and BP. "UK-boxes".

1979-1984. W Berrie boxes.

1984-1986 Ganz Bros. Toys Ltd.

1984-1985. Applauseboxes.

1983-1991. German, French and Englishboxes.

1984-1986. French superschtroumpf boxes and Mafiboxes.

1984-1995. Maia Borges and Giochi Preziosi boxes.

1992-1994. CE and "der grĂ¼ne punkt"-boxes.

1995-1996. Irwin boxes.

1995. First polkadotboxes.

1996-1998. Polkadotboxes with headlogo.

1999-2008. Polkadotboxes with circular logo.

2009-today. Peyo creation boxes.

Displayboxes, other smurfboxes, cards, etc.

Stickers and prints used on boxes( like Maia Borges, CE, etc).