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Eura Spain and Barrufets Comics No Toxico

by Juguetes Eura S.A. and Comics Figuras S.L.

Year: 1977-1984


After talking to the owners and distributers sons and daughters,
Joaquin, me and other collectors believe this is what happend.

Everything started in 1976/1977 when Eulalia Camps and Ramon Magriñá visited
a toy fair in Germany and saw PVC smurfs for the first time. At this time Bully was
the only manufacturer of PVC smurfs and no company had the worldwide license to
manufacture smurfs. Eulalia Camps had a toy store called Didó and they made
wooden toys. So it could have been that they first got the license from Peyo
to use smurfs for their wooden toys.

Juguetes Eura S.A.

In 1978 the first figurines with Eura Spain markings were made by Juguetes
Eura S.A. The name Eura was short for Eulalia and Ramon. When the movie
"La Flauta de los Pitufos" was shown in the cinemas in Spain during the summer
of 1979 the company had the license to manufacture PVC smurfs marked
Eura Spain. But before they manufactured smurfs they were distributors of the
Schleich and Bully smurfs according to the son of Eulalia Camps. That would
explain why the smurfs shown on the poster below are Schleich smurfs.
Clown and Lover were never made with Eura Spain markings.



As you see Juguetes Eura S.A. made figurines of populair characters
from television and movies.


In september 1979 they made the figurines for Don Quijote. Romagosa International
Merchandising S.A. had all the rights for the Don Quijote items and Romagosa could
also have been the licenseholder for the smurf figurines made by Juguetes Eura S.A. ?
Anyway they were most certainly licensed by Peyo.



Juguetes Eura S.A. made more figurines after the Don Quijote ones but
stopped around 1981.




When Schleich got the worldwide license for all PVC smurfs in January 1980
Juguetes Eura S.A., just like Bully, had to give all the smurf molds to Schleich.
Only six different smurfs were made with Eura Spain markings before that.

The same molds were used manufacturing these 6 smurfs without the Eura Spain
marking. Those smurfs could have been made by Schleich and it could have been
Schleich that provided Juguetes Eura with the molds??


Here are pictures showing the markings on the Eura Spain smurfs.








Comics Figuras S.L.

Eulalia Camps and Ramon Magriñá started a new company in october 1982
called Comics Figuras S.L.



So the companies Juguetes Eura S.A. and Comics Figuras S.L. were actually the same
company. Just changing the name. They had the same owners and the same address.

The only company allowed to manufacture smurfs after 1980 was Schleich, so Eulalia
and Ramon started manufacturing smurfs looking like Schleich smurfs instead, after the
Eura Spain smurfs were made. They probably stopped in late 1982 when they registered
the company with the new name. But could have continued selling manufactured ones
after 1982? Or continued manufacturing them but not making new molds.

IREC S.A. was the only licensed distributor of Schleich smurfs in Spain and other
companies were threatened by a lawsuit if not stopping maufacturing unlicensed smurfs.

1983_7h_june spain2


In January 1984 a newspaper writes an article about high levels of lead in unlicensed
unmarked smurfs. Only three days after this Comics Figuras SL puts this advert in
the newspaper, claiming they follow all international standards for paint and material.
This advert also prooves that Comics Figuras SL made the "Barrufets". Maybe they
started adding the CNT golden sticker on their smurfs after this advert???

The newspaper adverts shown on this page tells us that in 1983/84 around 50% of
the smurfs sold in toystores in Barcelona were illegal, unlicensed smurfs.


In the 90s a lawsuit was made against Comics Figuras SL because they had made lots
of unlicensed Disney figurines and many molds had been confiscated. So we can be
pretty sure that the company made unlicensed figurines earlier also.


This is a poster of the Barrufets/Smurfs from Juguetes Eura SA/Comics Figuras SL.
The owners son calls these ones also EURA smurfs and actually they were made
before Comics Figuras SL existed. :)

These were definatly made after 1980 and the company probably stopped making
new molds in 1982, when the new company was registered. That fits with the markings
on the smurfs they copied. So years for the copied molds would be 1980-1982.

Also note that they use the word Barrufets and other names on the figurines not
connected to Pitufos. That could have been a intended choice to avoid a lawsuit???


Here are the CNT smurfs shown on the poster. They say between 60-70
smurfs were made so a few more than shown on the poster could exist.

Below are pictures of them. More paint variations can be found.
I also added the Schleich/Bully smurf they made the mold from.

101 Normal (Normal Smurf)

102 Prisionero (Prisoner)

103 Negro( Angry)

104 Jefe (Papa)

105 Nena Normal (Smurfette)

106 Burla (Naughty)

107 Risueño (Jolly)

108 Teléfono (Telephone)

109 Dientes (Toothbrush)

110 Helado (Ice Lolly)

111 Guitarra (Guitarist)

112 Cocinero (Chef)

113 Flor (Lover)

114 Payaso (Clown)

115 Herido (First Aid)

116 Farol (Latern)

117 Olímpico (Torchbearer)

118 Mecánico (Mechanic)

119 Futbolista 1 (Schleich kicker/Soccer)

120 Sonámbulo (Sleepwalker)

121 Vela (Candle)

122 Mazo (Mallet)

123 Pintor (Painter)

124 Patinador (Ice skater)

125 Rey (Emperor)

126 Submarinista (Diver)

127 Director (Papa Conductor)

128 Rugby (American Football)

129 Ducha (Sauna)

130 Nena Patines (Smurfette Rollerskater)

131 Judoka (Judo)

132 Béisbol (Baseball Batter)

133 Flauta (Oboist)

134 Pastel (Cake)

135 Flecha (Archer)

136 Enfermera (Nurse)

137 Futbolista 2 (Bully Kicker)

138 Domador (Lion Tamer)

139 Regalo (Present)

140 Urbano (Policeman)

141 Cojo (Injured)

142 Martillo (Hammer)

143 Sastre (Tailor)

144 Barbero (Hairdresser)

145 Indio (Indian)

146 Carpintero (Carpenter)

147 Cerveza (Beer)

148 Médico (Doctor)

149 Tenista niño (Bully Tennis Player)

150 Tenista niña (Smurfette Tennis Player)

151 Pastelero (Head Cook)

152 Papá Noel (Papa Christmas)

153 Cazador (Hunter)

154 Cupido 1 (Cupid)

155 Cupido 2 (Amour)

156 Bailarina (Ballerina)

157 Pirata (Pirate)

158 Bolos (Bowler)

159 Estudiante (Pupil)

160 Patatas (French Fries)

161 Brujo y Gato (Gargamel and Azrael)

162 Champeon (Champion)

163 Normal Dorado (Gold)

501 Casa Pequeña Height 11 cm (Cottage yellow)

502 Casa Pequeña Height 11 cm (Cottage red)

503 Casa Pequeña Height 11 cm (Cottage green)

504 Casa Mediana Height 19 cm (Medium House)

505 Casa Grande Height 24 cm (Large House)



Only on the smurfs from Comics Figuras SL you can find the golden CNT sticker.



These smurfs were copies of Schleich smurfs. Many times you can see the old
markings and trace the Schleich smurf they copied. Schleich original to the left.



Later, other molds were made in Spain from other companies, those are
also many times called CNT´s. But they are not exact copies of the Schleich smurfs
like the first ones. On the picture you see the "real" CNT´s ( the ones which came
with the stickers) to the right and the other molds to the left.












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