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40120 Conveyor belt 1983-87, 1992-1994



My belt is as for many collectors filled with cracks and is almost broken. But I wanted
to show it so you can see how it looks and what colour it has. This is the most common
colour and if the belt is in good condition I would rate it as Rare-very rare.:)


With so many small parts I took this picture so you can see what to look for. I have
many times seen these with one or two parts missing. :) I am not sure if it always
was sold with the three sacks. To me it seems like that in the beginning neither the
forklift or the conveyor belt playsets contained any sacks. But later they did. However
the conveyor belt could always have contained the sacks. For the forklift boxes it was
most likely like this. In the beginning it was not written on the boxes that the smurf and
sacks was not included. In 1983 Schleich added "contents do not include figurine" on
the box to make everything clear. Then they probably added the sacks which were
also pictures on the box so nothing could be said about that.

But when checking the catalogues it could be like this. The sacks were only included
in the playsets sold later in the 90s. ?? :)


What type of sacks you would expect to find in the boxes depends on when they were
sold. Schleich used many slightly different sacks from soft to hard, from yellow to grey.
But the new sack with the millersmurf released in this years boxes should not be in the
boxes. :)