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20018 Crying

Also: Trauriger, Triste, Huilsmurf

Years: 1972-1985


The crying smurf was made in 1972 by Schleich. And then sold for 2 years, before
handing over the mold to Bully. Bully changed the colour on the hanky to yellow
almost immediatly. This is shown on the poster from 1976. Maybe they did not
paint the hanky in 1975??? Bully made it until 1977 when Schleich got the
molds back. It was then made by Schleich to 1985, last year only sold by
Maia Borges. It was only sold 1980 and 1981 in the US.

Dot variations: Mustard

Known variations:

  1. Schleichemblem, white hanky
  2. Removed emblem, yellow hanky
  3. Schleich, yellow hanky
  4. Made in Hongkong
  5. Minimodels Argentina


    Other variations:

  1. Fakes
  2. Raws