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20015 Earache

Also: Not hearing smurf, Nix-hören-schlumpf, qui ne veut rien entendre, Assourdi, Antilawaaismurf

Years: 1971-1985


The Not-hearing-smurf or Earache was made in 1971 by Schleich. Bully removed
the emblem and sold it between 1975-1977. After this Schleich sold it all the
way to 1985. Last year in only by Maia Borges in Portugal.

I don´t think National or BP ever sold this smurf??

Dot variations: Yellow, Red

Known variations:

  1. Emblem, no eyebrows
  2. Removed emblem
  3. Removed emblem and yearmarking
  4. Made in Hongkong
  5. Hering Brazil


    Other variations:

  1. Fakes
  2. Raws