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20005 Gold

Also: Goldschlumpf, Schtroumpf en or, Doré

Years: 1965-1985


The goldsmurfmold is exactly the same as the Normal and was sold the same
years, so it was also made between 1965 and 1974. Bully made it between 1975
and 1977. Then Schleich made it again between 1977 and 1984.
It was only
sold during 1979 to 1980 in the US. And 1985 in Portugal.

Regarding the rating on the goldsmurfs. Usually the goldpaint is in very bad
shape on these smurfs, so finding them in mint condition is off course more

Dot variations: yellow, red


Known variations:

  1. No markings
  2. Only peyo on the arm
  3. Old emblem
  4. New emblem
  5. Removed emblem
  6. W Germany, white material
  7. W Germany, blue material
  8. Hongkong emblem
  9. Hongkong emblem and Hongkong on arm
  10. Hongkong 1965. Markings under feets. Only Hongkong.
  11. Hongkong 1965. Made in Hongkong.
  12. Made in Portugal


    Other variations:

  1. Fake Gold
  2. Dupuis Gold
  3. CNT Gold
  4. Eura Spain Gold
  5. PAT gold
  6. Raw gold smurfs