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Gulliver Smurfs Brazil 1978

In 1978 you could see these smurfs in a toydealer catalogue from Gulliver. They were
then made by Bully. Loose smurfs, Smurfs in packaging, Smurfs on cards and houses.

At that time the smurfs were named Strunfs in Brazil. :)




Hering Smurfs Brazil

Schleich confirms in their book about the company history that they produced
smurfs in South America in the mid 80s.



In 1983 the smurf items started to appear in Brazil according to collectors in Brazil.

Like this blanket marked 1983 made in Brazil.




The first year smurf figurines were made in Brazil is most likely 1984.
Which also goes well with what brazilian collectors remember.

These 25 different smurfs were made in Brazil.
All of these are marked Hering, made in Brazil.

Maybe more exist.

Hering S.A. is a company manufacturing musical instruments but in the 80s
they also made other toys.



List of all the Hering smurfs. Click for pictures and markings( hering, erased and blocked).

Schleich number and name/Hering number and name

20001 Papa/001 Papai

20008 Spy/008

20009 Drummer/009 Tamborino?

20011 Laughing/011 Risonho

20014 Sunbather/014 PreguiƧoso

20015 Earache/015 Teimoso

20023 Guitarist/023 Guitarrista

20033 Clown/033

20034 Smurfette/034 Smurfete

20036 Hangglider/036

20040 Gift/040

20041 Hiker/041

20042 Chef/042

20048 Flautist/048

20051 Bowler/051

20054 First Aid/054 Enfermeiro

20058 Champion/058 CampeĆ£o

20060 Candle/060 Dorminhoco

20062 Telephone/062

20063 Tailor/063 Alfaiate

20122 Cowboy/122

20123 Policeman/123

20137 Surfer/137 Surfista

20157 Grouchy/157

20180 Papa with Pizza/180


It is 100% sure the Hering markings on these were blocked or erased when these still were sold in Brazil.

On this website I refer to them as blocked ( with stripes) or erased.



It is hard to say why this was done. Maybe Schleich wanted to sell the Hering
Smurfs in other countries also and did not want the company markings on them?
Like with the W Berrie markings on the Smurfs made in Hongkong, when they
were sold by BP in Australia and South Africa they were only marked Hongkong.
But when all smurfs made in Hongkong were sold by W Berrie they added that
marking on the smurfs.


Collectors from Brazil tells us that they could buy the smurfs loose,
but this was shown in the SCCI letters.


And I have these.






Probably Hering sold them loose with the Hering markings. But when Schleich told Hering
to block their company marking they started selling them in bags and on cards. That way Hering
still could sell the smurfs together with their company name, but on the package instead of the smurfs.



Therefore Hering Smurfs sold in the packages always have blocked Hering markings.
They are still marked Schleich and Peyo.



The Surfer Smurf have blocked Hering markings but the Surfboard still got the old markings.





These house-displays were also sold to go with the figurines.


A larger Familia house was also sold. Collectors say you could buy that house together
with all 23 smurfs??




After 1987

Most likely Trol(Hering) was not allowed to manufacture smurfs when Schleich went
bancrupt in 1987. But you could probably find the smurfs still in stores a few years after this.

The Hering molds were then used by Minimodels. But most likely that was after both
countries were allowed to manufacture smurfs under license. So those variations with blocked
markings made by Minimodels are probably unlicensed like the unmarked Minimodels smurfs.

One Scenario is that Minimodels got the Hering molds when they still had the license
to manufacture smurfs and then they would be licensed smurfs, but that is probably
incorrect. But I am 100% sure many of the Hering smurfs with blocked or erased
markings from Argentina are actually made by Minimodels after Hering/Trol lost the
license in Brazil.


Link to Hering Harmonicas website