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Latest News 2012

Here I will write the latest news about PVC smurfs.
Like new releases, changes in markings, wrappings, boxes etc.. If you
have new information you think should be here send me an email!! :)


New displayboxes 2012. Limited to 5000 boxes. Art# 41310 and 41311.

Better pictures!!!





The displaybox for the 2012 sportsmurfs. Art# 20903.

10 New smurfs 2012. Sold in May 2012.

20736 Swimmer

20737 Weightlifter

20738 Beach Volleyball

20739 Relay Runner

20740 Gymnast

20741 Sprinter

Dressed like Usain Bolt!!! Even the goldshoes like Usain!! :) Black and gold shoes.


And these fun facts by Schleich tells us the colours are intentionally chosen and
painted like Usain Bolt. "With his golden shoes, our sprinter Smurf will run as fast
as a blue bolt of lightning. Simply unbeatable."

20742 Shotputter

20743 Rider

20744 Javelin Thrower

20745 Winner


During 2011 Schleich also started adding a new tag with Choking Hazard warning in
more than 30 languages. This warning can only be found on this smurf. It is because it is
a two-piece mold. Schleich only added this to smaller figurines, like the smaller animals. :)

Correction: It seems the drummer from the party-serie also can have this tag,
because it is also a two-piece mold.




Schleich will stop making these smurfs during 2012( collectors items):

All 5 smurf-sets in decade boxes

Smurf actor( Charlie Chaplin) 20716

The partysmurfs. 20701-20707. All except the bottle 20708.



I noticed this sales display in a bookshop recently. This box has articlenumber
20900 and was then probably made approximatly the same time as the 20901
Moviedisplay. Meaning sold in early 2011, so not exactly new. :)

The new thing seems to be that this box now have articlenumber 20902. Both
boxes contains 100 smurfs, but in 20900 there could be 42 different ones and
in 20902 there can only be 39 different ones. The reason for this is that 42
smurfs were possible to get in 2011. The new box though can not contain
the new sportsmurfs and therefore only 39 is possible to get. ?? :)



The kajak-smurf sold by Prijon can now also be found with the new
addressmarking. Just like the Puppy sold with the boardgame!!



There will be 5 new supersmurfs released for the belgian olympic team in 7th
of July 2012. They will have articlenumbers 40266-40270. So the
bicycle-super is brought back in production!!



A funny thing is that the picture on the belgian olympic site shows different boxes?? :)