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Latest News for 2013

These are the new smurfs Schleich will sell next year according to the rumors.

20746 Couple se Mariant, Marrying Couple

20747 Schtroumpf de la Saint-Valentin, Valentine Smurf

20748 Schtroumpf de Remerciement, Thank you smurf

20749 Schtroumpf Désolé, Sorry smurf

20750 Bébé Schtroumpf, Baby smurf

20751 Schtroumpf d'anniversaire, Happy Birthday smurf

20752 Schtroumpf de Bon Rétablissement, Get well smurf

20753 Schtroumpfette de Fête, Party Smurfette


These are just google translations from the french names found on Amazon in
France. So only rumors so faar. :)

So the theme seems to be some kind of greetings or messeges. Like the ones
we find on cards or the old smurfsockels. :)