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Smurfs marked Macau




When Schleich stopped manufacturing smurfs in Hongkong in early 1985
or late 1984 the Macau marked smurfs appeared for the first time.

We know the last new smurfs sold in US in 1985 had Hongkong markings,
but those molds could have been made in late 1984?? The Macau markings
were only used on new smurfs made during 1985 and 1986 instead of the
Hongkong marking.

The first two smurfs getting the Macau marking were Baby with Teddy and
Baby with Ice Lolly. The Hongkong markings were blocked on them and replaced
with Macau.



Those two were the only Macau marked smurfs sold in the US.

Most of the Macau marked smurfs were sold in Europe. Both the Macau
marked Moonset and Westernset were sold in the German boxes.

No new molds after the ones they had already planned in Hongkong in 1984
for the limited 1985 US smurfs got the Macau marking. Therefore I am pretty
sure it was only added during 1985. No Macau molds were made in 1986.

But some older HK molds were remarked Macau like Graduate Smurfette.

After Schleich went bancrupt in 1987 no more new Macau marked smurfs
were made.


List of Macau marked smurfs:

20151 Graduate Smurfette 
20205 Baby with teddy 
20206 Baby with ice lolly 
20222 Stewardess 
20223 Papa pilot 
20224 Baby with bowl 
20501 Paul Revere 
20502 Benjamin Franklin 
20503 Christopher Columbus 
20504 Thomas Edison 
20505 George Washington 
20506 Abraham Lincoln 
40603 Westernset
40604 Moonset