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Molds and cavitynumbers


On this picture you can follow how a smurf/smurfette is made.

I want to explain what I mean when I write cavitynumber. As you see in the early stage
of making a smurf, the mold only contains one smurf. At that stage the smurf do not have
any markings or numbers. But when the final mold is made it usually contains 4 smurfs.


Chaplin smurfs with cavitynumbers 1 to 4 from the same mold.


So one mold contains 4 cavities. These cavities all gets a number from 1 to 4.
Many collectors calls these numbers moldnumbers, but Schleich told me the correct
name should be cavitynumbers. Maybe they have other numbers for the molds?? :)

Personally I do not see these numbers as variations, but it could be interesting
to compare, because sometimes one cavity has a fault. Like when the Valentine´s Smurf,
20747, had a mistake. The adressmarking was wrong in cavity 3: Scnw. Gmünd
instead of Schw. Gmünd.

So when I write cavitynumber it could mean moldnumber for you. :)


Here is how Schleich describes the process.