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20409 Patriot

Also: ??

Years: 1990-1993


The Patriot mold is marked 1989 and was first shown in the 1990 catalogue.
The other 3 smurfs sold this year did not have the CE marking, but I think
the Patriot canĀ“t be found without the CE on the back.

It was sold 4 years, between 1990 and 1993. First it was painted in Tunisia.

Dot variations: black dot

Known variations:

  1. Lightblue flag, CE on the back
  2. Blue flag, CE on the back
  3. Blue flag, CE on smurf and base, or CE flag and no CE on the base. Variation?? :)
  4. Blue flag with CE round handle
  5. Blue flag with CE marking, CE on smurf and base
  6. Darkblue flag with CE, CE on smurf and base


    Other variations:




The SCCI tells us in early 1990 when they got these first ones that only Patriot was CE marked.