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BP Petrol pump 1980-1982


Very very Rare

This playset included the BP cleaner just like the National box. The cleaner has the
same markings as the National cleaner. Darkgrey roof and BP stickers on pump. A
slightly different thing with the stickers are that the National sticker says Gallon and
on the BP it says Liter like on the smurf playset 6.

Just like with the National pump they used the colours of their logo on the Pump.
So green and yellow pump.

I believe BP stopped with their smurfpromotions in around 1981/1982.


As seen on this picture the parts which are yellow on the smurf pump is green material
on this one. The rest of the actual pump is made of white material. Only the handle is
silver. There should be a green sticker on the top though. :)