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Promo Smurfs

Also: Werbeschlümpfe

On this page I will add smurfs used in promotions in different countries. It is hard to
know which smurfs were used in promotions since Schleich never confirms their
authenticity. They manufacture the items for the customer and as a company policy they
never comments on these items. But the companies using the smurfs in their promotions
many times confirms the authenticity.

Remember that there are a lot of fakes of promo smurfs!!

Abilis Judo smurf

ASB First aid smurf

BASF Hexalotte and DR Dinch

Colgate Toothbrush smurf

Fix and Foxi Singer smurf

OMO smurf

Ronald McDonald Haus smurfs

Schuh-Neumann Superman smurf

Schlumpfhausen Schurrenhof Icelolly smurf

Schöller icelolly smurf

Schönwald Sockel smurfs