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20004 Shiver

Also: Winterschlumpf, Frileux, Wintersmurf

Years: 1969-1986


Shiver was made 1969 for BP. Not many changes were made during the first years.
National Benzole sold this with yellow scarf for their promotion. In US,
W Berrie only sold this between 1979 and 1981.

There could be a german Schleichmarked variation also? Never seen it though.

Dot variations: mustard

Known variations:

  1. Old emblem
  2. Removed emblem, red scarf
  3. Removed emblem, yellow scarf
  4. W Germany
  5. Emblem, peyo
  6. Emblem, peyo, made in Hongkong
  7. Hongkong 1969
  8. W Germany diagonal


    Other variations:

  1. Fakes
  2. Raws
  3. Other shiver