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20034 Smurfette

Also: Schlumpfine, Schtroumpfette, Smurfin

Years: 1971-1986


Schleich made the first Smurfette mold in 1971. First unmarked with no
cavitynumber and then with emblem. Schleich made a new mold for smurfette
in around 1977 and used that for a long time all the way until 1986.
Bully had the oldest mold between 1975 and 1977, but made their own
Smurfette in 1976 and used only that until 1980.

Dot variations: mustard, red

Known variations:

  1. Unmarked
  2. Old emblem.
  3. Removed emblem. Red shoes and red mouth.
  4. Removed emblem. Painted as the normal variation.
  5. Bully Smurfette. All markings under the feets.
  6. Bully Smurfette. Only Bully under feets. Light yellow hair.
  7. Bully Smurfette. Darker yellow hair.
  8. Smurfette unmarked with cavitynumber. New Schleichmold 1977.
  9. Smurfette with arms out. Schleichmold 1977/78.
  10. High heels. Only Hongkong.
  11. High heels. Made in Hongkong.
  12. Low heels. Made in Mongkong.
  13. Low heels. Made in Hongkong W Berrie.
  14. Portugalmarked.
  15. Hering Brazil Smurfette.
  16. Minimodels Argentina Smurfette. Heringmold.
  17. Smurfette with pink dots on dress. Black mouth. Mustard dot.


    Other variations:

  1. Fakes
  2. Raws
  3. Other Smurfettes
  4. CNT Smurfette
  5. Dupuis Union Smurfette
  6. Eura Spain Smurfette