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Tunisian factory, green dots

Name: Nataschaplast, located in Nabeul.

Years: 1982-today


The factory in Tunisia started painting smurfs in 1982 and the plant was founded that year by
Paul Kraut Senior. The ones pictured were the first new releases made by Schleich in 1982
and also were the first new ones painted there. This is also the year Schleich starts selling
smurfs with a green dot. This green colour was used to represent the tunisian factory. So all
these on the picture have green dot.



Many smurfs were then painted and added the green dot. However no smurfs sold
before 1982 can have this dot.



In around 1987 Schleich stopped with the green dots. But still this factory was used. Instead
of the green, yellow and red dots, black and white dots were used, white dots only on black
bases. Some say this was because they then used a new PVC formula?? For example all new
smurf-releases in 1990, just before they began with the CE marking on the figurines, were
painted in Tunisia and then had a black dot. On the picture you see the Smoogle mold with
and without CE marking. Schleich confirmed in the SCCI-letters from 1990 that all 4 new
molds sold in 1990 were painted in Tunisia, this means the one without CE, definatly was
painted in Tunisia!! :)

Schleich used blue dots on the figurines between late 2000 to 2004,
but I donĀ“t know if thoses dots were used in Tunisia???



In 2016 the first smurfs marked Made in Tunisia were sold.
They were sold in the displaybox Smurfs for you.

Smurfs with Tunisia markings:

20746 Bride and Groom
20747 ValentineĀ“s Day Smurf
20748 Thank you Smurf
20790 Soccer Smurf Germany
20791 Soccer Smurf France
20792 Soccer Smurf Spain
20793 Soccer Smurf Italy