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Kwak Windmill 1991

windmill5 windmillmarking5


When Schleich started using some of the molds for smurfaccessories for other
figurines like Kwak they removed the Peyo-marking in these molds. But
they still made the smurfaccessories during the same years
. So both the smurf
windmill and the Kwak windmill made during these years have the exact
same marking. If you find any accessorie without the Peyo marking
Schleich most likely have been using that mold for other figurines also.

Except for the obvious colourdifferences seen on the picture also the parts inside
have other colours. The large frame inside is brown material compared to grey
or white in the smurfwindmills. This windmill was also sold without the canopy
( mushroom roof on the side) and the cloth-coverings for the sails.

Quelle articlenumber for this is 695.4507