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Boxes between 1978 and 1982

German and French


These are the design of the boxes used by Schleich between 1978 and 1982.

Information and variations of these boxes:


As you see this box was the one they used in 1978/79. The same as the cataloguepicture
from 1979. They changed the text on the top on the second version of this box.



Here you see that this box was made when Schleich just started selling supersmurfs.



This is the second version of the large house playset box from 1978/79.
The text on the top of the box was changed since both these boxes now only
contained red roofs. Schleich stopped making the green roof in 1978.




Before 1978 Schleich wrote bestell-nr instead of art-nr on there boxes. So this is
also a reason telling us it is very likely that all these 3 boxes exists also with
the schleichemblem and different articlenumbers.



This is the first box Schleich used for the cottages. Picture to the left from 1979 catalogue.



Only one box was made for the cottage. They only marked which colour used on the
roof on the backside. As you see Schleich now started using art-nr instead. Also as
most of the boxes these can be found with and without french warning on the sides.
This was added around 1981.



This was the designed Schleich started using in 1978. Picture from 1979 catalogue.
Only german and french on the box.



In 1978 Schleich added 3 new playsets. In 1978 all new playset had large boxes.



But playset 2 and 3 was changed to smaller boxes in 1979. Same size as number 1.



All playsetboxes from 1 to 9 can be found in this box.



Playset 6 was changed during these years, maybe because they used the
Nationalsmurf on the first box??





The backside of these boxes can be different depending on how many playsets were
released when the actual box was made. So it can have these backside telling us
how many Schleich were selling. 4, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Maybe also one with 5 exists??

In around 1981 Schleich also added the window on the backside of the boxes.
And around 1982 they stopped with information in dutch on these boxes.



On these boxes they also added the french warnings on the boxes. The warning to
the right was added just before stopping with these boxes.



Schleich used this design on the supersmurf boxes to 1983.



All supersmurfs from 40201 to 40222 can be found in this box. In 1983 they started
changing the boxes, but also all 5 supersmurfs sold in the German catalogue 1983
exists in this design. But as you see they then can have the english warning on the front. :)



The backside always have only french writing.



In 1981 they made some smaller changes on the boxes. Like removing >> << before and
after the smurf-description. They also added the french information on this box also. :)



In 1979 Schleich sold 6 olympiansmurfs. These boxes only have german writing.
No french backside.



This box was used later also with blocked rings. Probably because they were not
allowed to use the olympicrings on the boxes.



1980 Schleich changed to this box on all the sportsmurfs. Cataloguepicture.



12 sportsupers were sold in this box. Backside in french.



These boxes were used a long time and therefore they can also be found
with the ages-warnings.



Already in 1980 this was sold in germany. This box has only german writings. So
therefore a French box should exist??? :) Or with stickers???



In 1982 Schleich added this box for the windmill.



First box without markings. Then they added the frenchwarning and
this was used until the polkadotboxes made 1995.



During the early 80s soccersmurfs painted in the Bundesliga teamcolors were sold.
Sold in boxes with case and teamstickers. The boxes are the same but I think only
21 teamstickers exists.



This box was made already in 1979. And sold first time in 1980.