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Bully boxes 1975-1979


Bully made a lot of displays and other items in boxes but I think these were the
only ones made only for the PVC smurfs. The games included the small
PVCsmurf which Bully made in 1975.

Information and variations of these boxes:


As you see the house and the game ( the black smurfs) are described already
in 1975 on the Bully posters. And both the gameboxes are pictured on the 1976 poster.



So both these are early designs. Maybe when looking at the poster, there
could be a french variation of the games???



The later one is even marked with 1975 when the game was made. Sold in 1976.



The box contains these smurfs painted in different colours. And also a fly.



This box was not made as early as 1975 when the house was made. This box was
made around 1977, when looking at the design and the smurfs pictured on the box.
So either the house was sold loose in the first years or older variations exists.?? :)