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German boxes made 1983-1991

German, English and French on the boxes


In 1983 Schleich added english on all the boxes and stopped with the "UK"-boxes.
Therefore they now had one germanmade box they could use everywhere.

Information and variations of these boxes:


In 1983 Schleich changed the looks on the supersmurfboxes as you see
on this picture from 1985-catalogue.



All supersmurfs Schleich made until 1986 can be found in this box, except the signbearer.
At least I have not seen any. I think it could be because Schleich stopped with the signbearer
already in 1984 and it was never sold in a country where they needed english on the box.



When Schleich changed the front of the boxes they also added the ages warnings on the
boxes. But this they started with shortly before changing the front. Therefore you can
have all these 3 variations on some of the boxes. Only a few though. All othersides
of the boxes are the same as the earlier box. So french on the back.



Also the playsetboxes were changed in 1983 and smurfplayset was added on the front. Just
like with the sign bearer-supersmurfbox one box was not changed. The petrol station box.
I think it was the same case here, that playset was not sold in any country where they
thought they needed also english on the box. I think the gatebox exists in this variation also.



On these boxes the other sides were always the same on all playsets.



Schleich started with a lot of new items for the smurfs in 1983.
Among them a new cottage especially for Smurfette.



I think this was the only german box made for this cottage.



4 superplaysets were sold in these boxes.



Also these 4 combiplaysets were made.



The first 2 combiboxes were complete boxes with plastic inside. But for some reason they
changed it for number 3 and 4. Those 2 only have a box top, the rest is made of styrofoam.



A funy thing with these sets are that when Schleich had the boxes made for the combisets
1 and 2 they accidently printed the same articlenumbers on those as on the superplaysets
Gargamels lab( 40601) and Smurfettes bedroom( 40602), released the same year.
Therefore they had to use stickers over these printed articlenumbers on only those 2 boxes.



Sometime you can see these with only french on the front, but Mafi only used
a sticker on these boxes.



Only this box exists of the treestump playset.



It says on the box that 3 smurfs are included in the box. Mafi added a sticker to the
boxside saying: 3 figurines, unless otherwise visible on the front with a sticker.



This is the sticker they used on the front of the box if no smurfs were included.



The farm was sold in this box the first time in 1985.



As you see on the cataloguepicture the Schleichmarking is on the side.



This box I think was made around 1984??? But I am not sure when it was
used except by Bader in the 90s.



4 smurf office boxes from 1983.



The 4 stampboxes have as most of the boxes from this time german on
the front and french and english on other sides.



In 1989 Schleich made 7 displayboxes with different themes.



Probably the last box made without any CE-marking. ??
Also on this box german, english and french were used.



Here you have all 7 sets. For better pictures visit Gerdas site, kicking the blues,

Gerdas websitepage with all these pictured