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Irwinboxes 1995-1996


In 1995 and 1996 Irwin sold smurfs in US and Canada. I only think the
cottages were in boxes, so I will include the cards on this page also. :)

Information and variations of these boxes:


All three new houses released by Schleich 1996 was sold in these boxes. With a smurf.



Irwin used the same box for all cottages and only used one articlenumber 41015.
Therefore they pictured all three cottages on the box, just on different sides.



In the same year that Schleich started with the new design on the boxes in Europe,1995,
these were also released. Also in this case all normals were given articlenumber 20825.
It is actually the same number as Schleich used for the 50-pack cans with bestsellers. :)



These are the ones pictured on the card in 1995. But it says on the card that, "actual
product may vary from shown in package photographs". However I think only
normalsmurfs made in China during 1995-1996 can be on these cards. ??? This is
verfied also in the SCCI letters. More smurfs made in China during these years can
be found on the cards like tennis smurfette, hangglider etc.

These were also sold loose with tags marked made in China and The Smurfs-logo.



Irwin sold some supers starting 1996 also. Articlenumber 40300 on all supers.
Could also be a Schleichnumber used???



These were the pictures shown on the packages in 1996. However I think it is the same
thing here, all supers Schleich had made in China in 1995/1996, could have been
sold by Irwin. According to the SCCI letters from 1996 6 supers were sold
on the cards. The ones pictured and papa in rockingchair.

If anyone knows exactly for how long Irwin sold these I would like to know.
Thanks! :)

These were also sold in Canada with french on the card instead in 1996.