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Maia Borges and Giochi Preziosi



The boxes made for the Portugese, Italian and Spanish markets were
based on german boxes. Not many were made.

Information and variations of these boxes:


As far as I know only one box with printed Maia Borges exist. This box also has Portugese
written on the box. But only the top and the back is different from the german box.
This box is based on the old german box and probably was used around 1984-1986.



The Maia Borges catalogue from 1985 shows the german box. The front looks the same
but the top is different. Instead of dutch the last languagues is portugese. On this picture
the last languages is dutch. That is why the boxes shown in the Maia Borges catalogue
necessarily donĀ“t have to exist with Maia Borges markings.



Around 1992/1993 Schleich made new boxes for the italian market. As you see on this
picture the exact same boxes existing with CE markings sold in germany also exists
with Giochi Preziosi logotype. I think these were the first ones made for Italy and
Spain and the only ones existing.



Giochi Preziosi had addresses both in Milano( Italy) and Barcelona( Spain) printed
on the boxes. Therefore also both languages was printed on the boxes and the
items also sold in both countries.



Printing on italian and spanish on the sides.



Also the large house box has spanish printed on the box.


boxesitalianand cebottom

Also under the italian- and CE-boxes they look exactly the same. :)



This is a box you sometime can see in auctions. Hiwever I think it only exists with a
Giochi Preziosi-sticker. Maybe because it was sold later compared to the
first releases and then no new box were made???