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Polkadotboxes 1996-1998



Schleich used the same design as on the 1995 boxes all the way to 1998. But many
smaller changes was made. Also all the cottages, houses and Buildings got new
articlenumbers and looks. That is why these 7 boxes were changed already in 1996.

Information and variations of these boxes:


In 1997 seven new sportsupers were sold and also 3 new other supersmurfs.
As you see on the picture of the boxes together with the displaystadium,
also these boxes had no picture on the top.



As you see 2 of the supers do have a picture on the top. During these years Schleich
changed the marking on the sides still marking it 1994. But these can both have made
in Germany and made in China marking. And all boxes made in China have the
picture on the top of the box.



Also the older 1994box can be found with made in China marking and a picture on the
top of the box. There are a few supers from these years which can have more than one
variation of these boxes depending on when they were made and in which country.



In 1998 these boxes were added and they are marked 1997. Also a few updates were
made, like both the Gargamels lab and Smurfettes bedroom were sold in these
1997-marked boxes with pictures on the top. Western exists in both variations also.



Here are two intresting box pictures from the catalogues. As you see the keyboard
super-box had a picture on the top already the first year it was sold. I don´t know if
it exists without the top-picture?? The other picture is of the different looking
Jubileumsbox. I don´t think it was ever sold like this?? :)



Around 1997 they also changed the frontpicture on the Gargamels
castle-box to a daylightpicture.



During the years from around 1997 they changed some boxes and added the
toppicture like this one from the catalogues.