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Mafi boxes 1984-1986


In 1984 when the sales dropped for smurfs in US Schleich started using the
Hongkongfactory for the european market also. Then especially the french market.
So almost exactly the same years as the Applauseboxes existed also the french
Mafi-boxes existed. So from around mid 1984 to 1985.These then contained
W Berrie marked Hongkongmade smurfs. I think only 5 were made???

Information and variations of these boxes:


The marking on these boxes look like this.



These pensets with PVC-smurfs were also sold in a Mafi box.



As you see the marking is similair to the one on the superschtroumpfbox.



The rare castlebox is also marked Mafi and are from the same years as the other boxes.
This however is made in Germany.



Mafi sold this carousel with Schleich PVC smurfs in 1985.
And 40005 seems to be a Schleich articlenumber.



I have never seen any box marked Schleich or Mafi for this set. Only this box made by the german company LBZ, who made the carousel. And their articlenumber 705611.