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Boxes before 1978 with emblem

When Schleich started making smurfs and accessories again in 1976/77 they still used
the emblemmarking. In 1978 Herman Schneider changed this and started with the new
Schleich logo with the bold S in a circle after Schleich. Still in use today. Only a few
items were sold in boxes with the emblem.



The garden playset was made in 1977 and was sold without the number 1 on the box
in the beginning. This was sold in 2 variations. German or French on the front.


As you see Schleich used different articlenumbers then. The new ones used today
Schneider started using in 1978. All sides are the same on these 2 gardenplaysetboxes
except the front.



As you can see here on the sides of these boxes both the gardenset and the large house
was sold in 2 colors before 1978. Therefore I am also sure a largehouse-box exist with
the Schleichemblem. I donĀ“t have any picture though! If anyone have a picture of that
let me know! :)

I have found the first large house box now!!




One more possible box is the large house playset, articlenumber 40009.

Here is a Schleich-picture of all the three boxes.



Here is the very first large house playset box. It got articlenumber 590/1.
That means that probably this playset was added after the other two were sold.
And since 591 was already taken it got this number instead.



The assembly instructions sheet also has the first emblem.



The Super smurfs were never sold in boxes before 1978, so no box with emblem exist.

But Schleich made this prototype box before 1978. It was never used though.


This also tells us that the Gardener was actually the first super smurf. :)




This is a displaybox made by Schleich before 1978. It got the articlenumber 592
just after the articlenumber used for the garden playset. So probably made in late 1977.