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Ex In Co smurfs 1959-1965/66


The company Ex In Co started making figurines in 1956 and in 1958 the first smurf-
related figuring was made, Pewitt. In december 1959 the first smurfs were made.
Papa, normal and angry. They used the same mold for these and only painted them
different. They were made of latex, reinforced with a metal-wire, and was bendable.

Because of oxidation these type of figurines easily breaks into small pieces with age.
Unless you keep them in the plasticbag they were sold in and store them in a dark
place with the correct humidity. Therefore also most of these figurines are already
lost and the remaining ones are really rare.

These were made:

Pewitt, 1958

Papa, 1959

Normal, 1959

Angry, 1959

Johan, 1963




Peyo and the Ex In Co Smurfs and Pewitt in 1960.



Here you can see what happens with the material after 50 years. :(


Bimbeloterie  1963 cover

Bimbeloterie  1963 smurfs (1)

Bimbeloterie  1963 smurfs (2)