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Gargamels Castle

Years: 1993-2004



Schleich made the mold for Gargamels castle 1993 and started selling it late same
year.It was sold all the way between 1993 and 2004. Since they started with the
printed CE already in 1991 all castles are marked with CE. From around 1996
Schleich had these castles made in Czechia, though never marked Made in Czechia.
But this year they changed the marking from Made in Germany to only Germany
on the base. Also they started using made in Czechia on all the boxes.
In 1999 Scheich started to use the circulair logo on their new boxes.
For some reason the box for Gargamels castle was the only one
of the large buildings that this year got a new box. :))

Known variations:

  1. 40027. Old variation. Blue spraypainted stones. Brownish roof.
  2. 49027. New variation. Grey painted stones. Yellow roof.
  3. 49027. New variation. Grey painted stones. Yellow roof. Only Germany marking on base. (Made in Czechia.)


    Known boxvariations:

  1. 40027 Old box.
  2. 40027 Polkadotbox. Nightversion.
  3. 49027 Polkadotbox. Nightversion.
  4. 49027 Polkadotbox. Dayversion. Head logo.
  5. 49027 Polkadotbox. Dayversion. Circulair logo.