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Black and White paint dots

Painted in Portugal, Tunisia etc between 1988-1998



After 1987 Schleich restarted because of the bancrupcy and it seems they also
dropped the older dotsystem and instead only used black and white dots.
Schleich confirmed to the SCCI in the late 80s that these dots were used both
in Portugal and Tunisia, so it had no longer any countryconnection. White dots
were used when the base was black.



Already the earliest variation of these 2 got the dots.



Also on these bodybuildersmurfs where you can follow how they added the
CE-markings, you can notice that all got black dots.

Without CE, Handetched CE, small CE and then large CE.



Last smurfs getting these dots were sold in 1998.


Schleich information to SCCI in 1989 about the new PVC formula.