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Red paint dot

Painted in Sri Lanka between 1982/83-1987



Around the years 1982/1983 a factory was founded on Sri Lanka close to Colombo
airport Bandaranaike. Many companies used the zone close to the airport
because of lower taxes.

"The first investment promotion zone consisted of a large tract that was established in
1979 at Katunayaka, near the Bandaranaike International Airport. A second zone was
inaugurated in 1986 at Biyagama, in Colombo District. Foreign companies that built
factories in the zones received generous tax concessions. The commission succeeded in
attracting some foreign investment, especially from Hong Kong and other Asian countries."

And I think this factory initially was helping the Hongkongfactory supplying
smurfs for the US-market when it peaked. When Schleich went bancrupt in 1987
they stopped using the Hongkong-factory and therefore also the Sri Lanka-factory.