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Regular smurfs 20001-20022

According to Schleich the first smurfs they made in 1965 were made for BP to
use as promotional give aways. Between 1969/70 and 1974 all these molds had a
Schleich marking. The one I call "the running man"-emblem. There are 2 slightly
different markings used these early years. The oldest one used to 1972. When
Bully got the rights for these molds in 1975 they removed the emblem, so only the
ones sold before 1975 have these emblems. Before 1977 Schleich did not use the
same articlenumbers as they use today so therefore the articlenumbers order
donĀ“t match the years they were sold. So in 1965, 20002 Normal, 20005 Gold
and 20010 Prisoner were made. 20001 Papa was not made until 1969.

All smurfs made until around mid 1969 can be found with no marking or only
peyo marking. Probably because Schleich used these as promos in some way in
the beginning. Could have been that they added their marking when they
decided to sell the smurfs in toystores?


All these were made before Schleich lost the license to manufacture smurfs in 1974.


Marking chronology and history 1965-1974

20001 Papa

20002 Normal

20003 Astro

20004 Shiver

20005 Gold

20006 Brainy

20007 Angry

20008 Spy

20009 Drummer

20010 Prisoner

20011 Laughing

20012 Mechanic

20013 Lute

20014 Sunbather

20015 Earache

20016 Judge

20017 Mirror

20018 Crying

20019 Flower

20020 Gymnast

20021 Sleepwalker

20022 Poet

20034 Smurfette