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Smurfs marked Sri Lanka




Around the years 1982/1983 a factory was founded on Sri Lanka close to Colombo
airport Bandaranaike. Many companies used the zone close to the airport
because of lower taxes.

"The first investment promotion zone consisted of a large tract that was established in
1979 at Katunayaka, near the Bandaranaike International Airport. A second zone was
inaugurated in 1986 at Biyagama, in Colombo District. Foreign companies that built
factories in the zones received generous tax concessions. The commission succeeded in
attracting some foreign investment, especially from Hong Kong and other Asian countries."

And I think this factory initially was helping the Hongkongfactory painting
smurfs for the US-market when the smurfs peaked. Then with stickers like this.



Around 1984 they started marking the smurfs Sri Lanka. I think it could be that
both Macau and Sri Lanka markings were made after and instead of the Hongkong markings.

When Schleich went bancrupt in 1987 they stopped using the Sri Lanka factory.


List of Sri Lanka marked smurfs:

1 20023 Guitarist
2 20031 Postman
3 20033 Clown
4 20040 Gift
5 20041 Hiker
6 20045 Artist
7 20062 Telephone
8 20064 Toothbrush
9 20076 Courting
10 20083 Hammer
11 20086 Present
12 20093 Tennis
13 20096 Sledgehammer
14 20099 Head cook
15 20100 Cake
16 20126 Rollerskate Smurfette
17 20141 Captain
18 20144 Indian
19 20177 Thanksgiving
20 20196 Thanksgiving Smurfette
21 20197 Indian with corn
22 20198 Witch
23 20199 Gargamel mask

Kittys Cavern have lots of pictures from the opening of the Sri Lanka factory.

The factory was called Quality Crafts Ltd according to Kittys Cavern.