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Accessories originally not sold with smurfs

(But sometimes seen with smurfs in collections)


A lot of accessories made by Schleich or Bully for other figurines are many times
sold with smurfs to get a higher price. In the catalogues they many times are called
test versions, which is incorrect. The accessories are usually very rare and very
collectable but they are not smurf accessories.


Here are some of them:

Beige Boat and brown Raft made for A J Kwak

Beige Gate, beige Fence, grey Well and darkbrown Hammock made for A J Kwak

Blue ski poles made for Seppli

Car with blue Wheels made for Paddington Bear

Darkbrown Cart 40145

Farm 41060

Farm made for A J Kwak

Fireman with red Nozzle in 90 degrees angle

Green car made for A J Kwak

Green Cart 13404

Green stove and darkgreen garden furnitures made for A J Kwak

Green Tricycle and Red Skateboard by Miniland SA

Houses and cottages

Ice Hockey Sticks in different colours

Lightbrown Cart 40144

Moon Landscape

Orange Swing made for A J Kwak

Red Kayak made for Snoopy

Red Skies made for Snoopy

Tennis Racquets in different colours

Traveller Sticks in different colours

White bed, white table and purple rocking chair made for A J Kwak

Windmill made for Kwak

Yellow Skies made for Vucko



As you see on this picture many of the accessories used with smurfs were also used
for other figurines. Therefore many other accessories in odd colours sold with smurfs
as test versions, but not listed here, could actually have been made for other figurines.