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Smurfs made for Dupuis

The first time the smurfs appeared were in the Johan and Pewitt strip, started from 8th
of May 1958 in the Spirou magazine. The story “The Flute with six holes” continued in
the magazine for several months and in 23rd of October they introduced themselves
( pictured). In 2nd of July 1959 the first smurf story appeared as a “mini-recit” in
Spirou magazine. The story was “The black smurfs”( Les Schtroumpfs noirs). And in
10th of December Gargamel  appeared in  “Le voleur de Schtroumpfs” in the second
about the smurfs also as a mini-recit in the Spirou magazine 1959.
Dupuis was the editor for these comics and that is also why the first smurf
figurines were made for Dupuis to be used as promotional figurines where these comics
were sold. Dupuis did this a lot in the 60s, merchandising of its comics. So Dupuis was
not interested in making any toys as said in the book about Peyo, they only had these
made to promote their comics. So I believe all smurfs marked Dupuis or made for
Dupuis were only used or sold together with the comic in some way.

During the time Bully made smurfs Dupuis told Peyo he no longer was intrested in
making figurines. This means between 1975 and 1979 the last smurfs were made
for Dupuis.

According to the book about Peyo he also tells us that Dupuis was involved in the
smurfs used as promotion for Kelloggs also. These Kelloggs boxes has a comicstrip
on the back so this makes sence. But we still don´t know exactly which of the smurfs
made for Dupuis were used in these boxes.

Smurffigurines made for Dupuis:

Ex-In-Co 2” smurfs( 1958-1966)

6” smurfs (1964-1966)

2” keychain smurfs (1966)

1-foot normal smurf (1965)

Garden smurfs

Peyo & Ed. Dupuis-union smurfs, (made around 1975)





The magazine from 23rd October 1958 when the Smurfs appeared for the first time in a comic.