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20001 Papa

Also: Oberschlumpf, Le grand schtroumpf, Grotesmurf

Years: 1969-1999, 2011


Schleich made the mold for Papa in 1969. I think it could have been the eight
smurfmold Schleich made. The first variation was made of blue material and
with only peyomarking on the arm. Schleich made the papa between 1969 and
1974. Bully made it between 1975 and 1977. Then Schleich made it again
between 1977 and 1999. For this years( 2011) centuryboxes it was made
again with new markings.

Dot variations: mustard, black

Known variations:

  1. Blue material Papa. Arm held high. Red tail.
  2. Red material Papa. Old emblem. Arm held high. Red tail.
  3. Papa with new emblem. New form after 1972. Red tail.
  4. Papa with removed emblem. Red tail.
  5. Papa with removed emblem.
  6. Hongkong 1969.
  7. Hongkong 1980.
  8. Hongkong 1969. Blocked 1980 marking.
  9. Hongkong WBCO on the back.
  10. Hongkong W Berrie
  11. Hering Brazil.
  12. CE.
  13. CE. Address-marking. 2011.


    Other variations:

  1. Fake papas
  2. Dupuis papa
  3. Dupuisunion papas
  4. CNT papa
  5. CNT unmarked papa
  6. PVC no toxico
  7. Raw Papa smurfs