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The collectors guide to the smurfs

This page is owned and administrated by André Dahlqvist from Sweden.



1978 display

If you have pictures or information about the History of the PVC-smurfs that you want
to share and think should be on this site, please let me know. Aaron Swartz wrote in his
Guerilla Open Access Manifesto "Information is Power. But like all power, there are
those who want to keep it for themselves...". I think it is important to share information
before it is forgotten, so remember Sharing is Caring!

So help share real information to future collectors! Otherwise fake information will win.

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New Schleich smurfs 2019

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The "Smurf mee, smurf BP" campaign in Holland in december 1977.
Biersmurf, Kadosmurf, Klownsmurf, Schildersmurf, Wandelsmurf, Spionsmurf and
Plaagsmurf are the dutch names on the smurfs on the bottom shelf.
Those were all the 37 smurf you could get in Holland then.

The collectors guide to the smurfs

This is a collectors site about the PVC smurfs. It has no connection whatsoever with
IMPS, Peyo, Schleich or Bully. The aim with this guide is to list all known variations of
all smurfs, playsets, buildings, boxes etc. Also give you as much information about
them as possible. Because I want to use as much space as possible for pictures I will try
to keep the listing simple. This will also make it a lot easier to navigate between the
pages both on the computer and the smartphone. If anything seems wrong or if you
have a variation not mentioned please let me know. Email:

I would also like to thank all the members on the Blue Cavern forum. Without them
this research regarding the markings and chronology of the PVC smurfs would not
have been possible and also a lot less fun. :) If you want to join the forum and
take part in the smurfy discussions or just read about smurfs, ( many topics are
only seen as a member), visit the site and check it out.

The information you find here is based on information found in Schleich and
Bully catalogues, posters, boxes, Schleich and Bully websites, BP posters and
websites etc. Also a lot of information is to be found in the Smurf Collectors Club
International (SCCI) newsletters from 1986-1999. They had great connection
with Schleich and are very accurate when telling what happened during those
years. The SCCI letters are possible to read on Maureens site.
Read SCCI letters!!

Regarding the pictures, many of them are not mine, but thanks to other collectors I
have their permission to use them in this research. I have added their names on the
pictures and also their websites, in cases when they have their own collectorssite.
Many thanks for helping me with the pictures! :)

Smurfs made for Dupuis (1959-)

Licensed Schleich and Bully smurfs and accessories:

Regular smurfs

Super smurfs



Large buildings

Promo Smurfs

Special Smurfs

Hering Brazil and Strunfs from Gulliver Brazil

Minimodels Argentina

Eura Spain/ Juguetes Eura S.A./ Comics Figuras S.L./ CNT

Jubilee Smurfs 1985

Schleich smurfs sold with French magazine in April 2004 to March 2007

Bundesliga Soccer Smurfs and other Soccer Smurfs

Toysrus Smurfs

Smurfs on Sockels, Dreisockels, Grussfiguren

Greeting Cards, Kleine Gratulanten


Additional information:

Schleich and Bully catalogues and brochures by year

Copyright Case which ended the Bully-era ; Peyo against Bully

Bully Museum Smurfs, drawings, prototypes and more

SCCI Letters 1986-2001

Box history( with all boxes pictured)

Marking history

Paint dot history

Paint information

Accessories originally not sold with Smurfs. In catalogues called testversions.

Most expensive smurf sold on Ebay

Fake smurfs and what to watch out for


Peyo and Smurfs( pictures)

Bully figuren

Wallace Berrie/Applause history

SCCI smurfs

BP Australia history

BP Holland history

BP South Africa history

BP New Zealand

National Benzole history

Smurfs and Kelloggs

Molds and cavitynumbers

Smurf animation

Old newspaper and magazine adverts with smurfs


Portugal, Maia Borges Lda


Sri Lanka


Eva Zippel, first Schleich Smurf Sculptor

Irmingard Hieber, first Bully Smurf Sculptor


Collectors Items( retired items) according to Schleich



Temporary pictures

new about smurfs 2012

news about smurfs 2013

news about smurfs 2015

news about smurfs 2016

news about smurfs 2017

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